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Jessica Ng and Fong Chua of Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. has committed their lives teaching people just like you how to implement their tools and powerful systems to allow you to Make More and Work Less with Cashflow.

Make More Work Less with CASHFLOW by Jessica and Fong is put together to help you discover that investing in cashflow properties can be easy, fun and profitable so that it becomes a great part of your financial future; that you can Make More and Work Less with Cashflow, achieve more success and happiness in your life, if you open your mind.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to follow “The step by step keys to finding, acquiring, and maintaining cashflow investment properties” found in the pages of this book…

In “Make More Work Less with CASHFLOW” you’ll discover:

  • Strategies to find and acquire cashflowing properties
  • Methods to maintain relationships and properties
  • Checklists and forms that allow you to get into cashflow properties with ease

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  • Multiple Sample Forms
  • And much more!

Now, why are we giving you these bonuses? Simple: Fong and Jessica’s vision is to give everyone they can the tools they need to allow them to Make More and Work Less with Cashflow, to reach potentials that they never knew they can reach and because “giving IS the receiving”..
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Les Evans

“Finally: A book that delivers a long overdue (and much needed) holistic strategy for real estate success. Fun, detailed - yet simple and straight forward, it is a veritable goldmine of tips and checklists to save you headaches and eliminate the guess work of building your property portfolio!"

Les Evans
Transformational Coach To Top Shelf Executives & Celebrities

Chris Bilz

“The “Wealthy Barber" for Real Estate Investors! Cash flow is the essence to building wealth in Real Estate and this book is an easy step by step guide for the beginner and successful investor.  It is simple to navigate to Make More and Work Less with Cash flow.”

Chris Bilz
PFP, CFP, ChFP, CEO and President, KMGB Real Estate Investments