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Jessica Ng and Fong Chua of Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. has committed their lives teaching people just like you how to implement their tools and powerful systems to allow you to Make More and Work Less.

Make More Work Less by Building a Team by Jessica and Fong along with their Team Members: Richard Canfield, Barbilee Hemmings, Raeann Lefebrve, and Josh Tesolin is put together to help you understand the power an ultimate Team can possess. When it comes to preparing for your financial future one must surround themselves with experts who can be there support you and grow with you and together Make More and Work Less, achieve more success and happiness in your life.  With a great team you will also be able to provide the best services and support to your partners, clients and each other.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to follow the, “The Secrets to Selecting, Building and Maintaining an Ultimate Power Team” found in the pages of his book…

In “Make More Work Less by Building a TEAM” you’ll discover:

  • The Importance of building a great team
  • Tips and secrets of Experts in their fields
  • Who to find, how to build and maintain an ultimate power team

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Now, why are we giving you these bonuses? Simple: Fong and Jessica’s along with their team members’ vision is to give everyone they can the tools they need to allow them to Make More and Work Less, to reach potentials that they never knew they can reach and because “giving IS the receiving”..

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“You’ve heard it before: You need to build your Power Team! But where to start? And who should be on it? And the ever popular: I’m just starting out, I’ll save money doing it myself!

Here’s the guide you need! Make More and Work Less by Building a TEAM gives you exactly what you need to make those decisions and get get your business moving to the next level.

Whatever business you want to build, this is the ultimate guide to its construction. Read it today, profit tomorrow!

Jerry Confer
President of Forte Business Capital


“Fong & Jessica have earned the right to produce this book! The two of them, using the concepts described in the book, accomplish more in a very short period than some do in a life time!  Build your financial foundation on a framework of proven principles!"

David MacAngus
Dale Carnegie Training


“Fong and Jessica have encouraged me to dream big and expand my goals. Their book is fun, detailed and straightforward.  A great guide for anyone looking to increase their financial foundation by building a team."

AJ Keller
Media Personality