For Whole Life Insurance:

Q: Where does the ‘Cash Value’ come from?

A: The Cash Value is a contractual guarantee on your Participating Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance policy. The cash value must equal your death benefit by the time the person insured reaches the age of 100 (or 120 depending on the policy).

Q: How can I borrow the ‘Cash Value’ to do something else?

A: Simple, Pick up the phone and call your Insurance Broker (Infinite Banking Expert who helped you set up the policy). No qualify, no credit check, no questions asked, a cheque will be mailed to you.


For Land Banking:

Q: Is there any risk on ‘Land Banking’ instead of RRSP?

A: The risk of Land Banking is time. Traditional RSP’s is a liquidable asset (with early with draw penalties). If you choose to do RSP Land banking the asset is not liquidable until the project is sold. Therefore if you need the funds in the short term Land banking with RSP’s will not be recommended. With Land Banking you will not see the ups and downs of your account like traditional RSP’s, you will see that the account remains unchanged until the day the project is sold.


Silver Gold Commodities:

Q: Explain what the silver buy and sell price is

A: The buy and sell price of gold and silver is determined by the market. The spot price is what the price of gold and silver are going for at a particular time in US currency. You will find that banks will add administration fees, handling fees and service charges. Coin shops and other vendors will base their prices on the spot price, a minting charge, a bar charge and a currency exchange charge. However it is also determined by what their buying fee was. Typically vendors will buy silver coins from sellers at $1 to $2 below spot price and sell at $3 to $5 above spot price.

Q: Where do you look for up to date market prices on Gold & Silver

A: For current gold and silver spot prices got to www.goldandsilver.com or www.kitco.com. You will find these prices in Bloomberg, stocks or newpapers as well


Real Estate:

Q: How do I start looking for properties?

A: Best way to start looking for properties is to find a realtor. Schedule a day where you will interview several realtors and pick your favorite ones to work with. Have them set up a search for you that appeals to your goals. Other ways of finding properties is online, kijiji ads, local papers, other investors, possibilities are endless.

Q: What are qualities do you look for in a great Real-estate agent?

A: A great Realtor (if you want to be an investor) is a realtor who also invests in real estate. Someone who knows the industry and also has experience in investing. They should have experience working with investors and someone you fellow comfortable with and see a long lasting relationship with. A great realtor will have you best interest in mind, able to analyze properties, has an investor’s mindset, willing to share and a great negotiator. We have interviewed our realtor as bonus to you. During the interview we have asked what is important to look for in a realtor and other great tips (www.yourarea.ca). Feel free to ask for our realtor if you would like to be connected with him.