Shawn Shewchuk

“Phenomenal, straightforward and fun. An essential tool to achieving more in less time.”

Shawn Shewchuk
Bestselling author and The No.1 Results Coach in the Country

Ganz Ferrance

"I loved this book! It's solid, user friendly and fun. It is a great book for anyone wanting to increase their financial knowledge. Even those who already know a lot about this area can gain from giving it a read. Whether it's the section about networking, mindset, finding your WHY, or multiple investment vehicles, Jessica and Fong's top-notch information really does help you Make More and Work Less. The book was so easy to read and understand that I couldn't put it down. I just kept on reading it to see what else I could learn! I just wish this book was available when I was starting out."

Dr. Ganz Ferrance, Ph.D., R.Psych
Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Coach.

Dr. Ganz is an audience and media favorite. He has appeared nationally on CTV's Good Morning Canada as well as several other TV and Radio shows.

“Many people at middle age are just starting to think about retirement, is it too late? We work hard; and we think we will have enough money for retirement. But the reality is, no! The money you have in the bank with very limited interest rates are shrinking every year! Thanks to Fong and Jessica’s hard work; this book gave me a whole new idea about my financial future. I’ll follow some of these concepts so that I can Make More and Work Less. That way I wouldn’t need to worry too much when retirement time comes.”

Ying L.
Designer - Canada

“This book has revealed that there are many more ways to create wealth, other than just collecting a pay check. Their system is so powerful, simple and easy to use, anyone can start today!  I would absolutely recommend this book to anybody looking to get out of the rat race and step up a solid financial foundation.”

Ryan F.
Entrepreneur - Canada

“The genius of Jessica and Fong’s book isn’t about how to make money quickly. By using great examples, the book provides many different ways to invest your money aggressively or passively. I wish I could have read this book months ago, it would have saved me months of false starts. This book truly does educate you on how to Make More and Work Less!”

Kamal A.
Drafter - Canada

“I was looking for a way to invest into real estate and had only the conventional ways in my mind. Fong and Jessica breathed new life into my strategy with his book “Make More Work Less.” I am now using their Buy-Hold strategy in real estate with this new wealth of information and will be looking to diversify using their Four Pillars of Financial Foundation. The insight into creating relationships is applicable in not just business applications but in my personal life as well!”

Robert Z.
Designer - Canada

“We wanted options, and was looking for diverse ways to achieve that. After reading “Make More Work Less” Myself and my significant other have applied the four pillars to success, and now make residual income from our home, have invested in assets that will increase in value overtime, and implemented a strategy to secure a safety net for our future by becoming our own banker. We have never realized there were so many vehicles to securing wealth. This has made significant impact in our lives and we’ve only just begun.”

Melissa T.
Insurance Broker - Canada

John D.
Drafter - Canada

“Practical and not overwhelming, a well laid out book to flip through. I wish more people or families can understand these practical ways but unfortunately we live in a debt culture that needs everything now at a cost. It’s nice to see strategies outline in this book presented in an easy way.”

Carol L.
Housewife - Canada